It looks like as with most of my blog endeavors I haven’t added in a new post in forever and a half. There are some legit reasons for this like a major computer crashing situation where I was offline for too long and the usual reasons like flakiness served up with a side of laziness. Anyway I have decided to switch the focus of this blog from being just buy my book, buy my book, did I mention that my book is awesome and you should buy it, to my random thoughts about the world at large with the occasional book related post thrown in for good measure. Maybe there will be writing advice occasionally and some updates on the new books i’ve been working on. Whatever I feel like is what’s coming up. So keep reading. you know you want to. Oh and a new cat showed up on my door the other day. She’s cute. Maybe I’ll add some pics of her becuase the internet and cats seem to go together like PB and J.