Don’t waste 500 thousand dollars on a Harvard MBA. Read this instead.


Here are some things I can’t believe stores have yet to figure out.


The reason why amazon is kicking your butt is not because people are looking on their smart phones and discovering that an item is priced 50 cents lower so they are buying it there. The reason why amazon is kicking your butt is because they have things in stock. Here is an example. Last year it was my mom’s birthday and she is hard to buy for. I discovered that the Smash soundtrack was being released and I thought perfect, she loves that show. Plus I had a best buy coupon. Even better.


So I headed over to best buy on the Tuesday it was being released. I was expecting an endcap display in the cd section. No display. I went up to where they used to have new releases. Seems they got rid of it. There were no displays up front either so I went to the actual soundtrack section. I couldn’t even find it there. They had 30 copies of something called Lemonade Mouth though. What the hell? 30 copies of some movie no one has ever heard of whereas a TV show seen by millions on a weekly basis doesn’t merit any copies?


Finally I gave up and asked a guy. The computer said they had one so he went through the same soundtrack rack and came up empty handed as well. I guess Best Buy is under the assumption that nobody buys CDs anymore, especially since the one near me only cares about phones it’s like a 100,000 square foot radio shack.


This is why amazon is kicking your butt. People still buy cds especially the demographic of fans of the show Smash. Older people like my mom who barely knows what an ipod is and isn’t going to buy Smash on Itunes. I am not saying everyone who watches smash is old and un tech savvy, but I know my mom’s not he only one.


Let me reiterate my point. Stores need to have the stuff people want in stock. I’m not talking about an out of print Jellyfish cd from 1991 either, though it would be nice if stores didn’t always concentrate on the things that came out 5 minutes ago.


Here is a non media example. It was the holiday season and I had to make cookies. I must have lost my grandma’s old rolling pin pad from 1955 so I had to make do with a dishtowel. It did not work well. The next time I went to target I couldn’t find them. They sell rolling pins but not the pads I guess because I couldn’t find a spot for them in either linens or by the pins themselves. Oh well.


Then the next time I went to the mall I went into Williams Sonoma just to price theirs. I was assuming they would have some sort of imported ones from France made with hand spun Egyptian cotton and a trademarked Italian designers pattern embossed on them along with some gold threading around the edges that retails for 75 dollars. I was hoping maybe they would have some on clearance because of a slight discoloration in the 24 carat gold threading  but I was out of luck. The guy said they no longer sell rolling pin pads.


Huh? What the? A store completely dedicated to selling kitchen supplies does not sell the most basic common and needed baking supply there is? Am I just supposed to roll out my cookies on the same unsanitary board I use for chicken cutlets? You know who probably has a decent selection of rolling pin pads in all price ranges. Yeah you guessed it Amazon. This is why Amazon is kicking your butt.


Oh and one more thing stores should know.


If you don’t have a shopping cart depository on the end of every single parking lot row open on both ends then we as customers have the right to put the cart anywhere we damn well please.



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